BIORESISTANT – created for hard work of movement apparatus.

Product is characterized by desired rheological properties, e.g.  plasticity – no irreversible deformations under the force influence, elasticity – ability to recover original shape, viscosity – ability to flow, i.e. any possible changes in shape and free movement.

Due to developed and patented method gold nanoparticles are surrounded by proper polymer, hence they behave like „oiled balls in bearing” significantly reducing the friction that can occur in joints. Under pressure of working joint they will deform, then they will return to the original shape. It has direct translation into the efficiency, reliability and durability of product as indicated by tribological testing of polyvinylpyrrolidone.

After REGEN-JOINT injection conformation of polymer changes from linear to tertiary and globular, which significantly increases the cushioning properties of polymer. By changing structure, product becomes more resistant to strength impacts inside joint.

Polymer used in clinical trials has shown resistance to degradation in environment of body fluids (i.e. synovial fluid).

In comparison with other safe products used in animals, REGEN-JOINT stays in joint for the longest time, because there are no specific enzymes degrading it  – as in the case of e.g. hyaluronic acid (hyaluronidase) or collagen (collagenase).