Conclusions based on CLINICAL EFFECTIVENESS STUDIES and applied conservative therapy in opinion of veterinarians and animal caretakers:

  • In clinical effectiveness studies carried out on 20 patients, under the supervision of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland, product effectiveness was confirmed and there was a significant improvement in functioning of patients in case of 85% after intraarticular injections.


  • Effects of conservative therapy carried out on ~1350 patients (until September 2023) in opinion of leading veterinarians and animal caretakers present significant improvement in functioning of patients in case of 80% of intraarticular injections.


Clinical trials, statistics and conclusions that were received from veterinarians who have started cooperation with REGEN-JOINT indicate BETTER TOLERANCE OF PRODUCT by animals (safety of use) and BETTER EFFICACY (effect, duration of action) and LACK OF NEGATIVE EFFECT on body in comparison with other preparations available on veterinary market.

Number of intraarticular injections: one therapeutic dose (one-time administration, differently to other products: several times, short intervals in a series), which minimizes possibility of joint capsule damage as well as does not overload internal organs due to general anesthesia (premedication) required each time for precise administration.

Recovery time after administration: up to 1-4 days, (in some cases, the patient’s reaction: up to 7 days). Individual response of organism is influenced by types of degenerative changes, patient’s history, general health, psychophysical condition as well as multimodal therapy.

Average time of improvement: 6-12 months, based on data of ~ 1350 patients with degenerative diseases (until September 2023).