Visco-elastic hydrogel with high viscosity complementing synovial fluid.

It is used in dogs with osteoarthritis of joint such as shoulder, elbow, antebrachiocarpal, hip, stifle, tarsocrural often accompanied by:

  • small amount of synovial fluid and its abnormal properties,
  • abnormal rheological properties of cartilage (plasticity, elasticity, viscosity),
  • chronic osteoarthritis,
  • weakness of joint function with decrease in the degree of joint bending,
  • joint scratching while moving.

As the complete recovery of degenerative changes in joints is impossible, the visco-elastic hydrogel has been designed to stop the disease, i.e. a further, inevitable process of joint degradation by eliminating factors that increase severity of degenerative disease.

The conservative therapy with REGEN-JOINT aims to improve the quality of patients life by reducing chronic pain, helping to inhibit inflammatory processes in joints and restoring comfortable physical activity through:

  • supplementing synovial fluid with visco-elastic biomaterial,
  • restoration the proper level of synovial fluid viscosity,
  • mitigation symptoms of joint dysfunctions,
  • increasing the slippage on connective tissue surface,
  • limiting further damage of articular cartilage,
  • pain relief by reducing friction between joint structures in joint,
  • supporting the inhibition of inflammatory proteins thus giving the body opportunity to start regeneration process,
  • absorption of forces causing damage of joint structures in joint.