Conclusions on SAFETY TESTS (clinical, hematological, biochemical, cytological, ultrasound, X-ray) performed at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Poland are the following:

  • product is safe – non-toxic to the body’s cells after injection, without adverse effects,
  • well tolerated by animals,
  • does not cause disturbances of gait function in dogs
  • does not change structure of joints,
  • does not affect general condition of dogs,
  • product has ability to decompose in a natural way, characteristic for the body – product is biodegradable. Gold nanoparticles do not accumulate in body, do not clog organs, they are excreted by kidneys due to their features (proper suspension of gold nanoparticles in polymer, the size: 10 -20 nm, lack of aggregation).